How to Get Relief from Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can happen to anyone. Even the ones who take good care of their teeth may, sometimes, feel this tingling pain in their teeth after having a hot or cold drink. Although occasional tooth sensitivity is not something to worry about much but it’s the pain which can be quite irritating. Having that said, it is worth mentioning some cause of tooth sensitivity.

What is tooth sensitivity?

There can be a number of factors which can bring sensitivity to the teeth. The most considerable ones are worn out tooth enamel, gum disease, leakage in the filling, and cavities. Underneath the tooth enamel and cementum (two outer layers of teeth), there lies another layer which is called dentin. Dentin is the layer which contains nerves and vessels which keep the tooth alive. Erosion of outer layers can result in exposure of dentin. And this exposure can lead to tooth sensitivity pain due to direct interaction of extreme temperatures with this part of the teeth. This interaction is the main reason for sensitivity pain to occur.

Common reasons for tooth sensitivity

Most of usually engage in some activities which can lead to tooth sensitivity, and we don’t even realize about it. One of the common reasons for tooth sensitivity is abrasive brushing. Abrasive brushing usually involves use of unnecessary force while brushing and using a toothbrush with hard bristles.

Another reason for tooth sensitivity may be the consumption of acidic foods. Acid content in these foods tends to irritate tooth enamel, leading to the enamel erosion ultimately.

Tooth sensitivity – treatment and prevention

If you feel tooth sensitivity, the first thing that you should do is to visit your dentist right away. That will help your dentist to identify the real cause of tooth sensitivity, and you will get a treatment plan based on that assessment. A few possible treatment and prevention points are as follows.

  1. First of all, you should change your toothpaste if you feel tooth sensitivity. There can be a wide of active ingredients in the toothpaste that can contribute to adding tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste with lenient ingredients can help your tooth to heal faster.
  2. Along with the good quality toothpaste, use toothbrush with soft bristles. Moreover, you should know about right brushing technique which would only help in maintaining better oral hygiene but would also let the tooth enamel to remain there.
  3. Sometimes, a tooth may get damaged enough to require special treatment. In this scenario, bonding or crowning may be the best solution.
  4. Tooth sensitivity can occur due to internal nerve damage or infection. In this case, the infection must be removed. The treatment that you can get in this regard is root canal therapy.

If you have healthy teeth and gums, it is the best time to stay vigilant about your oral health. Prevention is the best way to steer clear of any problems which can make things worse.


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